Who got you into riding?

Actually, questions were more like “Who’s the boy that got you into riding?” “You’re so little, don’t you think riding is too dangerous for you?” or “Seriously? YOU ride?!”

Yes, I know. I don’t look like your typical rider. But I ride, and I love it… 

My journey went a little something like this.  

I’ve always wanted to learn. So, one random day in March of 2016 I went to the Services Ontario Drive Test Centre and took the M1 test and passed! Mind you, it was during my lunch break, so I had to wait until after work before I was able to sign up for a course to learn how to ride and get my M2. 

[No, I didn’t sign up with a friend. This was a solo mission. There was no motive other than “I’ve always wanted to learn how to ride.” 

The few weekends that followed went a little something like this:

Theory course which was essentially an in-class course where you’d learn about proper tire tracks, gear, what to expect during the practical training sessions, etc.  

^^ The first time I ever sat on my bike! Thanks, Justin for parking it for me!

Bought a bike! YUP! I bought a bike BEFORE I sat on one by myself. Hello 2015 Honda CB300FA from North Bay, ON! Don’t worry – I had a friend test ride it and tie it to my trailer before I bought the thing, and another friend helped me park it in my garage! LOL. 

Time for the “Practical Training”… Which was simply EUPHORIC! Imagine walking to a parking lot where they had all these bikes lined up for you to use to learn on… And then use it during your M2 test. From sports bikes to cruisers and dirtbikes, students were able to test and try them all. 

Funny note: I remember telling the class that I HAVE to pass because I already bought a bike! The instructor was a little shocked, but I think mostly proud, haha. Tried a variety of bikes, but because of my size, most of them had me swinging my legs in the air. In the end, the 125cc red sports bike suited me best. Luckily they had a bunch there because I dropped it so many times. The co-instructors got me out of a couple of pickling situations.

^^ Had to get my bike lowered so that I could flat-foot it, and some gear just in case 🙂

And YUP, I [still] passed! Thank goodness your learning experience doesn’t count towards your actual exam… So, just figure it out beforehand, and you’ll be fine. 

I would highly recommend signing up for a course if you never sat or rode a bike by yourself. I used the Riders Training Institute in Toronto. 

For me, what was great is that you left the course with a few new friends, and a newfound confidence that I think ignited only when you dropped the bike a few times. Little fear. Lots of adrenaline. Tons of learning. And over the moon excited that I conquered and gained such a “cool” skill. 

The way I’ve always seen it was, why not learn how to ride a bike? Sure. It may be scary at first [as with most things you have no idea about], but if you’re going to want to go to parts of the world where cars aren’t as accessible – wouldn’t you want this skill in your back pocket? 

Here’s a little fun video of us picking up my bike from my cousin’s place. Watch episode 5 of my Vlog here. If it made you smile, please like and subscribe! It helps with the YouTube algorithm. 🙂



Happiness isn't around the corner. Happiness IS the corner.

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Never in a million years did I think I would try downhill mountain biking, but here we are trying it for the first time today! 

Long version: The first time I ever saw downhill mountain biking was in Whistler, and the first thing I thought was "well that's just insane" and "that's just for the true redbullers." 

Fast forward to this summer, I wasn't much of a cyclist, so I started with a super cute city bike. It really belongs on the road, but I took into the trails anyways (because I was craving dirtbike feels). Fell absolutely IN LOVE with the trails. Got myself a mountain bike to really "ride the trails." And got a fix on a weekly basis ever since.

"Downhill is my favorite sport..." he says. Seed planted. Reluctantly I agreed to try it because hey, "how do you know, unless you try?" 

First few runs, adrenaline rush 100%. After a little water break, fourth run, I was feeling super confident, and boom! I went over my handlebars! Grabbed the front brake WAY to quick coming in/out of a berm, and kicked the wind right out of me. Collected myself after that fall, and finished the course on an AMAZING note. 

I am not sure what came over me, but I went through the rest of it LIKE A PRO! 

Maybe I was mad at myself for not committing to berm earlier, or the berm was my "ah-ha" moment, but everything post the handlebars incident, I just sent it. Even got some air on one of the moguls! (A total accident)

Anyways, I may be a smidgen hooked now. 

My addiction: Having to calculate in real time how much brake, pedal, body weight to distribute forward and back, what line you want/need to take, where your front tire needs to be, where you need to be next, etc. Like c'mon, how do you beat that? The only way out is downhill. Be one with the bike, make calculated decisions and then you'll be fine. 

Shout out to to this gem of a man for helping me up when I fell, fixing my chain when it popped off, and coaching me through the tough drops (and there were many). My mountain hero ❤

Videos from GoPro coming soon! In the meantime, enjoy my first "photo dump." 

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Missing the days when #socialdistancing meant going to the country and ripping it around the farmland #becausewecan 

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"Oh cool, is that a BB-gun?" *already have it in hand and looking for the BB pellet box for refills* 

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Taking a hike at the bluffs during a #stayathomeorder is allowed, right? #livingontheedge #airandexercise #hikerlife #hiketoronto #scarboroughbluffs #happiness #LuckyGirl #salynasworld
Tried my hand on a trials trick bike... Smile says it all ☀️

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When you're travelling alone, don't be shy/afraid to ask people to take your photo! And if you've ever teetered with the idea of a #SoloTrip, I would highly recommend it. Clearly, I am ready for a real vacation now. ✈✈✈

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Got my M license today! 🥳🏍❤
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Blonde hair, don't care #ThrowbackThursday (ngl, kinda miss it... should I do it again?)

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