Salyna's Vlog: Wait, I'm a Vlogger Now?!

ok, it’s a casual hobby – but a hobby no less. how it came about? first, it was #karaandnate #vanlife and #youtubevlogsareaddictive, to a daunting question: “have you ever met anyone with Alzheimers?” 

Apparently, when you tell someone with Alzheimer’s how they were or share a memory you had with them or about them… their eyes will try and search for that memory. how wonderful of a life they lived, the happiness they must’ve felt, and how quickly the search for that moment fades. they forget right before your eyes.

after hearing this story, and realizing the reality of it all; of the things, you can’t control… i vowed to try [while i am able] to document the amazing life that i am so grateful for. be it journals, photographs, or videos, i want to be the one to tell myself “who and how awesome I was.”

so here’s to sharing an archive of my vlogs & videos. enjoy! and if it made you laugh or smile [even the slightest], please show some love, like, and subscribe!Β