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In a world of information overload, videos and animations are key to any marketing strategy. With YouTube being the second largest search engine on the web, leveraging videos as a marketing outlet is crucial to staying relevant. It’s versatile, engaging and gives us the visual stimulant to easily digest content and messages; not to mention it’s accessible to anyone with WiFi or access to the Internet.

Below are some of the video projects that I am most grateful to have been a part of. All were deployed under my direction and/or management. 

Included on this page are some videos that my team have had the pleasure to execute or be part of.
all videos were created under my management and/or direction. all copyrights reserved to my current and/or previous employers. Please feel free to contact me directly should you want to see other samples.

Sales Conference Recap

On September 18, 2019, Eleven Eleven held its first annual Agent Sales Conference at the Hazelton Manor. Bringing over 500 GTA agents, this event officially coined our specialization in The New Core and uncovered the “need to know” secrets of pre-construction in these regions. 

The event also announced our website relaunch, broker portal program, Knowledge Is Power program, and Diamond Club program.  

Videographer and Editor: Maxim Kopanygin
September 2019; Eleven Eleven Copyright 2021

Happy Retirement & Congratulations

After forty years of leading innovations in the lighting industry, Steve Silverstein announced his retirement from Liteline. This surprise video showcases the illustrious journey beginning in 1979, to today, having guided Liteline to an unprecedented level of growth the likes of which include, 130 employees, a 160,000 sq-ft office and warehouse facility, as well as strong business relationships throughout North America. The video premiered at his retirement party in front of some of his closest friends, family, and colleagues.

Videographer and Editor: NOTCH VIDEO,
September 2018; Liteline Copyright 2021

ATS Culture Video

After having worked in the Mechanical Consulting Engineering business for a number of years, Lou Petro formed ATS in 1969 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; providing Technical Specification Information to all Designers. This video showcases the company’s expansion, growth, and services available across Canada and the United States, under the leadership of Bill Petro, ATS’s President.

Videographer and Editor: Daniel Giang, ATS’s Video and Graphics Assistant
July 2013; ATS Copyright 2021

Mudtown Station Project Profile

What began as a CPR rail station, built in 1946, Mudtown Station is now giving residents and visitors of the East Harbour area of Owen Sound a place to create new memories, while enjoying craft beer, and great food. Prior to its grand opening in spring 2018, Liteline partnered with Benedict Electrical to add a new twist to this heritage space. This project profile video showcases the station’s unique architecture, Benedict Electrical’s contracting work, and Liteline’s LUNA and FORUM’s product versatility.

This video premiered in Liteline’s LUNA Promotion – Part 2, encouraging Electrical Contractors to “get social” and share their LUNA project profile(s), for a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes.

Videographer and Editor: Alessandra Pellegrino, Liteline’s Marketing and Graphics Assistant
November 2018; Liteline Copyright 2021

all copyrights reserved to my current and/or previous employers.
Please feel free to contact me directly should you want to see other samples.

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