Work summary & Portfolio

Fueled by Data & Passionate for all things Digital Marketing

With over a decade of experience in progressive B2B2C sales and marketing, I have specialized in working with family-owned and privately held businesses within the Manufacturing, Real Estate, Electrical, and Construction Software industries.

Currently, my focus is on refining my digital marketing skills as a subject matter expert, as I firmly believe that this is the way forward for expanding and propelling business growth.

Discover My Productivity Formula: Top 4 Areas of Expertise and the Top 4 Methods I Use to Achieve Optimal Efficiency

Email Marketing

From concept to creation, this is my specialized outlet to creatively craft persuasive messages into strategic processes and automated campaigns for measurable results.

Website Design

By leveraging the best practices in SEO, UX design, and operational efficiency, I love improving your business’s visibility, credibility, and ability to serve your customers effectively online.

Social Media

Sustainable and scheduled content that tells your brand story, drives brand awareness, and creates an engaging online community. Make it binge-worthy, and now we’re #trending. 

PPT Design

Need a show-stopping keynote, a memorable product showcasing sales enablement tool, or a launch deck that captures the essence of your brand? I am your girl.  

Method 1

Leveraging Tech

Completely addicted to finding and leveraging technology to scale corporate growth.

Method 2

User Conversions

Figuring out the funnel, reducing churn, and “leveling up” the user type/tier… warms me right up! 

Method 3


In love with igniting & positioning brand narratives to match the corporate culture.

Method 4

Work-life Balance

Success = When you’re killing it in your career, but you still make time for self-care and meaningful relationships.

We've put in enough of late nights, early mornings, and all-nighters to know that at the end of the day, it's best we figure out how to scale and drive business efficiencies.

My recommendation? Start with building systems that leverage technology, empower self sustaining teams, tell great stories, and show up - everyday.

What is your 80/20? Magnify that.

Presenting my current and past empowering employers, as well as some of their esteemed clients that I've had the pleasure to collaborate with:
Spectrum Lockers
marina homes

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Talk is cheap

So Here's What People Are Saying

“When I first met Salyna while working in product, I knew things were going to improve. She quickly expanded a brand new marketing segment of our company and with enduringly positive attitude and charm, she lead her team and influenced others to be the go-getters, and people you could rely on in a pinch. Somehow under every pressure she endured stronger and with a smile!

Along with her strong design influence, she used data to help improve our marketing material, customer outreach, website, and overall image in the industry. It was a pleasure to work with such a dedicated individual, and I would be fortunate to work with her again. She truly makes great things happen! I still haven't found that rabbit in her hat... she's truly awesome!"

Kevin J. Korecki
Director of product development

"Working with Salyna was an absolute pleasure. She helped me grow and taught me the skills of the trade for being successful in marketing. She is a charismatic leader with a genuine heart to help those around her. I've never met someone so passionate about what they do, with a determination to make companies grow their sales is a short time frame all through strategic marketing."

Laura John
product marketing manager

"I worked with Salyna for a number of years and the whole time it was a joy to work with her. She is extremely dedicated and hard working and willing to help her colleagues in any way that she can. She was well respected by our clients who continued to ask for her well after she left. I would relish the chance to work with her again."

Scott Deslippe
engineering channel manager