Director of Marketing, Liteline Corporation


Marketing is my passion. Storytelling through design is my art. 


In love with all things marketing.

Multifaceted and humble. #PositiveVibesOnly


Personal views and insights.

Professional beginnings.

A marketing professional with a bachelor's degree in business, from the University of Ottawa. Four years of university and now you're supposed to be ready for the “real world.” Ya right!

As a business professional, and because you're super hungry and competitive, you do whatever it takes to "figure it out" and market yourself. Fake it until you make it.

You put in long hours, attend seminars, and continue educating yourself. You learn ways to apply the latest trend or turn-key business models or software solutions into your marketing processes. You leverage data to fuel your company’s marketing recommendations. In doing so, you gain time to enhance other processes that will keep you and your team on the forefront of the competitive curve. Clockwork.

You close so much work [more than you even thought was possible], contribute to growth [in a world where it’s hard to measure ‘marketing’s ROI’], and market to inspire people to believe in your company’s ‘WHY?’ - All the while, having fun doing it… Success.

Years of long hours and sleepless nights, and now you've made it.

Personal refocus.

Five years into my career, I took my first real vacation. Greece and Italy was where I learned what it really meant when someone said "I’m going on vacation."

Spending quality time with my best girlfriends in Greece, and travelling solo in Italy, was hands down one of the most empowering thing I have ever experienced. I learned that kindness and the art to inspire is everywhere. That volunteering yourself to be vulnerable and pushed outside of your comfort zone is what really “resets you.” That once you're reset, life is simply living, and living is simply love.

Laugh hard. Smile often. Indulge always.
Live for yourself first. It’s not selfish. It's essential.




SALYNA | In love with all things marketing. Multifaceted and humble.  People person. #PositiveVibesOnly