My First Vlog
Similar to my reasons for writing journals, vlogging I believe is another outlet that may allow us to remember the way things were a little more closely.

Sure it’s awkward, and borderline invasive – but for future you that may be a victim of amnesia or dementia, wouldn’t it be nice to be the person to tell yourself who you were? How you were like? What you enjoyed? Who you spent your time with?

So I filmed, edited, and published my first vlog…

How this day became… A little history/background:

*What do you do when your sister video calls you with her bf, saying “they can’t wait to see me tomorrow” as if we’ve been planning this for weeks… but in reality, this phone call was the first I was hearing about their visit…?

I say “bring a blow-up bed, because I DIY’d the spare bed into the seat for my new reading nook!”

24 hours later, they were here.

48 hours later, even when the weather calls for rain, what do you do? Go to Wet ‘n Wild anyways – because they’re normally wrong anyways!

So off we went, after having a fashion show with Cartman and my newly cut-off jeans.

It was my first time trying out my GoPro on a water adventure and in a public place. Up until today, I’ve only had the opportunity to bring it out on runs and bike rides so far – a different platform, a different challenge. Challenge accepted!

We were so awkward in the beginning, but as I kept the camera rolling, we simply started to accept that it’s there. Embraced the new addition – “Hi GoPro.” We started to be ourselves – and the footage really shows it.

All in all, I am extremely excited to keep capturing my days through words and now video. Hope you enjoyed my first VLOG!



If you could watch your story again, would you?

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