I learned how to breathe underwater! (well, sort of)
What do you do when you think that the summer weather is coming to an end? Load the jeep with your pup, GoPro, tank/goggles, and head to Lake Simcoe!

It was back in February when he first said “Oh, you want to learn about scuba diving?!” and proceeded to give me a full demonstration of the ins and outs of the equipment, what to do in case of an emergency, and the proper hand signals for “I’m O.K, I want to go up, and I am ready to go down.” I was mesmerized.

Note: Thumbs up actually means “I want to go up!”

Fast forward to August 21st, 2021, “Wanna go make some bubbles?”

Right before we go down he says “Just DON’T hold your breath and shoot up. You could blow a lung.”


“Just don’t forget to breathe, we’re not diving deep. You should be fine.”

This doesn't sound safe, but ok, let's do it...

And off we went.

Forcing yourself to breathe underwater was a challenge. It was like trying to rewire your brain to… well breathe underwater! It’s not and shouldn’t be a thing… but in this world, it is. 

Then there’s the visibility… Where we were, the water wasn’t very clear so seeing a big rock ahead came “quick.” 

I am not a strong swimmer so I just held onto him, and focused on my breathing. Trust the process, after all, he was a scuba diving instructor. He’s taken out many tour groups with zero fatalities… I am in good hands. Trust your boyfriend. 

Because I was focused on my breathing, I noticed that I was breathing faster than normal. When we went up, I explained my challenge with regulating my breathing. He just responded with “it’s your first-time babe, don’t worry about that. You did amazing.” 

He’s amazing. 

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Be like water, my friend.

- Bruce Lee

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