An Entry For My Great-Grandmother
Her story of “if there’s a will, there’s a way.” It started with a memory I started to recall during a meditation, that I prayed I wrote down and searched for post meditation. And to my delight, I DID write about it! 

A story that my grandmother [mere-thu] told me during a car ride home after visiting the Kuang Si Falls, Luang Prabang, Laos. Don’t get me wrong, the visit was a beautiful one, but the car ride back to our hotel was definitely one of my fondest memories and experience from Laos.

“You are the essence of family, life, and what really matters. Despite all the adversaries in the way, you conquered it all. Setting a purpose, and pursuing it.

Great grand-mother, Mere-Thu-Mon, thank you for being so fierce. For figuring out a way to go to Thailand to find your children and grandchildren. Making your way through the camp, through the guards - relentless to find your family.

For coming to Canada at such an old age, and meeting me! For making me sticky rice and salt, and putting up with my childish antics and foolish questions. I’m sorry for sitting at the top of the stairs and asking you in front of grandma and grandpa when you were going to die. I was a curious child. I am even more sorry for not saving up sooner and taking our family to Laos to visit you.

If someone should ask me who I would want to talk to, alive or dead, I hope I remember to say you. A fierce lady that did whatever she had to do, regardless of her age to find her family, in a massive camp, in another country! Doing whatever she needed to see her children in Canada AND France! Living and sleeping on the floor in the corner of our bedroom. Knowing that her time was coming to an end, and wanting all her children to come together in Laos; yet took care of everything in advance. [Journal Entry November 14, 2019, Semi-Altered]

Yes. My favourite memory from Laos. Fearless? She was beyond fearless. Rest In Peace Mere-Thu-Mon. We love you. We miss you. 



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