Affiliate Programs I Stand Behind

Standing behind a brand isn’t just standing behind them. It’s about promoting their product and services offerings because – well, you believe in what they offer. Here a few products and services that I can really get behind. Feel free to support the cause by using my affiliate link(s) to check it out for yourself. Cheers!

some of the brands i'm an affiliate member of

a brand that doesn’t really need any sort of introduction… amazon is the future (and present) of e-commerce and shopping. convenience to the extreme. 

i am not a graphic designer, but with canva, i feel like i am. the best online graphics platform to quickly create. try the pro version (and trust, you won’t want to go back) for free. 

wordpress with the Elementor plugin turned me into a web designer overnight. drag and drop elements that’s automatically responsive? pretty much an “oz” of website design. so easy. 

the best hosting solution for wordpress websites, hands down. download wordpress templates for free, or get specialized wordpress services with your selected theme. 

sleek style at a reasonable price. honestly, the only brand that i purchased for office and workwear (when i used to work in the office). i now support their lounge and swim.